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We will compete in the MN Boys High School Volleyball League -MN Boys' High School Volleyball League

JV/Varsity -

· Practice 2-3 times per week, Matches 1-2 per week.

· Season starts and ends , matches start the week of April 

· Weekend dates- Jamboree Scrimmage , Eastview Tourney t, State Tourney June  (Varsity only)

· Matches are held at EPHS or other local high schools. Matches times are approximately 530-700 for JV and 630-930 for Varsity.

· Practices and matches will be held on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Fri. There will be weeks with 2 practices and 2 matches. Players should plan for 3-4 nights a week of volleyball.


· Players will be asked to wear their jersey from last spring, fall or winter. If they do not have a jersey, EP boys’ volleyball will provide one.

· An online store will open in March for players to purchase shorts, knee pads, sweatshirts, etc. These are all optional.

· Players need to wear black shorts with their jersey for matches.

Commitment Expectations-

Players making JV or Varsity are expected to attend all practices and matches. Missing for important events is acceptable but should be minimal. Please check your calendar and consider your commitment level for the entire season before registering. You can email Steph at   with questions about the commitment level. Plan for 3-4 practices/matches a week from April to mid June. Note we will not participate in any events on these dates (important senior events/activities).

Coaches –

Varsity – Steph Chapek, Trevor Hegranes

JV – Renee Lange

Fees –

· JV/Varsity Season Fee - $ - FINAL BALANCE DUE APRIL (EPVA will add $-$ to your EPVolleyball account after tryouts. You will be asked to login and pay the balance).

· Pre-registration is required.

· Down payment $ due prior to attending open gyms and tryouts.

· Remaining balance will be added to your EP Volleyball account and due on April .


· Player fees cover- gym space rental for practice and matches, coach pay, insurance, equipment, league, and tourney fees and other small administrative expenses. 

· Scholarship money or an alternative payment plan is available. Email epboysvolleyball@gmail.com to inquire.

**Anyone that does not make a team or decides before or during tryouts that they do NOT want to participate will receive a refund of $ ($25 will be kept to cover open gym and tryouts costs).