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EP Beach 2021

Register here: https://www.leagueathletics.com/Registration/Default.asp?n=56094&org=epvolleyball.com

New this year- Shakopee/Eden Prairie League on Tuesday or Sunday evenings at Shakopee Bowl. 

Ep Beach Season Details - 

$285 includes – 15 morning practices, limited space Thursday and Saturday tourneys, 2 tank tops and a beach towel.  

Schedule is subject to slight changes due to COVID and/or City of EP policies.  


Tuesdays and Thursdays Morning Practice – June 8th- Aug 5th 3 courts

830-1000 am – 7th- 9th grade girls and 7th-12th grade boys 

1000-1130 am 10th-12th graders girls, limited to 36 players. ALMOST FULL 

No practice July 1st, July 27th and 29th (possibly adding optional practice this week)

June 29th 830-1030 ALL TEAMS

**** to keep court space evenly spaced and competitive some players might be asked to switch time slots prior to the start of the season **** 

Thursday Tourney Series- limit to 10 teams/date, 530-1000 pm 2 courts

June 17th 7th-9th grade boys and girls

June 24th 10th-12th grade boys and girls

July 8th 7th-9th grade boys and girls

July 15th 10th-12th grade boys and girls

July 22nd 7th-9th grade boys and girls

Aug 5th 10th-12th grade boys and girls

Saturday Tourneys-limit to 15 teams/date 800 -100 pm 3 courts

June 26th lower-level boys and girls (7th-9th grade) 

July 17th upper-level girls (9th-12th grade, higher level 8th graders)

July 31st upper and lower boys (8 teams/level)

Tourneys sign up is limited. Thursdays will be a modified tourney format. Tourney sign up will be emailed out to registered particpants in a few weeks. 

Lake Riley Tourney Sign up Instructions: 

1. Only 1 partner signs up for the tourney. There is a question to enter your partner's name. 

2. Let Coach Steph know at minimum 3 days in advance if you are NOT able to play after you signed up. 

3. You can sign up as a single and Coach Steph will work with you to find a partner. 

4. Upper-Level Teams- have more indoor experience and are generally older. Lower-Level Teams- are newer to indoor and/or beach volleyball and generally younger. Ask Coach Steph if you are unsure where your team fits in. 

5. Tourney start time, end time and format could change depending on the number of teams signed up. 

  Lake RileyThursday and Saturday Tourney Sign Up

NEW Eden Prairie/Shakopee League at Shakopee Bowl 

7th-9th Grade Girls Sunday Evenings- 6/20, 6/27, 7/11, 7/18, 7/25, 8/1

10th-12th Grade Girls Tuesday Evenings – 6/22, 6/29, 7/13, 7/20 7/27, 8/3

All boys Monday Evenings - 6/21, 6/28, 712, 7/19, 7/26, 8/2

Shakopee Bowl – 3020 133rd St W, Shakopee 55379 https://shakopeebowl.com/

1 hour of play between 500-900 pm against Shakopee Beach teams.

Cost – Free for registered EP Beach Players; $50 for non-EP Beach players ($100/team). Coach Steph will coordinate payment with the Captain after registration. 

EP/ShakopeeLeague Sign Up

EP/Shakopee League Sign Up Instructions: 

1. Only 1 partner signs up the team. The partner that signs up is the team Captain and the team will be named after their last name.

2. Team Captains are responsible for:

- Communicating the weekly league schedule to their partner(s).

- Finding a substitute player for any dates that the Captain or her partner will miss. Captains can ask EP Beach players, club, or high school teammates. Coach Steph will help after you have tried your best to find a sub on your own. 

3. The league is 2 on 2, but teams can have more than 2 players on their team. This could be helpful if 1 of the players can only attend part time.



General Concepts

Courts will be divided by skill level and are open to boys and girls.

Net will be set to co-ed height, 2s sand rules will be applied.

Players wear shirt/tank top and pants/shorts (no swimsuits and shirts are required).

Register as a single or with a partner. 

Each practice will work on volleyball skills that translate over to the indoor game. We will end each session with some type of competition.

Players can expect to improve their all-around skills, conditioning and volleyball IQ while playing EP Beach.

City and State COVID guidelines will be enforced and emailed out prior to the start of the season.

Sign up for tournaments will open April 15th and be first come, first serve. All registered players will get an email with the link to sign up. Tourney sign up will open to non-EP Beach 2 weeks prior to the tourney only if there is space available.

Email   with questions.